Friday, May 8, 2009


Last Saturday was spent being completely soaked while looking for organisms in tide pools. It turns out I won't be a great marine biologist. The hot shot kid in my class said, "This is what real field biology is like you guys. Get used to it." This is what it looked like outside.

Needless to say, the field trip was cut short due to the weather and how much bitching we all did. I was stoked because this meant I might make it back in time for the Knock Knock and Four Eyes show. But as the day kept going on it seemed like we we wouldn't make it in time. I had pretty much given up hope. On the ride home the radio taunted me and played Knock Knock.
We reached campus at 10:30 and I figured it was too late but Cody told us we would make it and sure enough...
Success! Still in my soaking wet clothes, I ran to Luigi's and made in time to grab a beer and catch Knock Knock. Fuck. Yeah.
I grabbed one of those sweet posters, (as seen below) I still don't know who made that beauty.
Best diss of the night: Heather said something about watching language due to children being in the audience. Mike: "oh yeah matt maxwell."


  1. I totally missed that harsh diss! Really funny!

  2. gotta love those blurry photos!