Thursday, June 4, 2009


About a month ago I received the news that one of my favorite local bands had called it quits. It's rare for me to immediately really like a band, but with Boyfriendz it was instantaneous.
I don't remember much about the first show at the Distillery, except there was this one song that really stood out.
Here is a tiny video from that.

The next time I saw them play at R5 at the first Record Store Day. It was ridiculously hot out and they completely blew me away. I kept looking around amazed that so few were witnessing this greatness.
Boyfriendz really had the right amount of pop catchiness and loud, sometimes messy rock 'n' roll. That Alec Roberts can make a wrong note seem right. I caught every show I could.

Armando was kind enough to give me the album they had recorded, hopefully it can make it's way to being released because it is fantastic.

Here is a possible shirt design that I would like to screen:

And now a song:

Let's hope for another show in the future.

Thanks for all the good tunes Boyfriendz. I'll miss you.

p.s. I'm still praying for a Knightmares reunion.


  1. Thanks for summing up how I feel about the whole thing. I was real excited about Boyfriendz.

    ps Can I have a shirt regardless?