Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pizza, shows, and animals. 2009.

2009 as witnessed by my camera,
a few of my favorites

March 28, Monterrey Bay

Marine Biology field trip

April 3rd, The Troubadour

T.G.U.K at the Troub!

April 18th Record Store Day, R5
Ancient Suns

June 6th, Keith's


July 17th, 300 Room
The Pizzas
Badass youth

August 10th, Press Club Mixed bag Monday

Jay B. kicking out the jams

The English Singles

August 22nd, Luigi's Slice First Annual Pizza Eating Throw Down
Not the champ, but a winner in our hearts.
Matthew Maxwell
This was the year I finally got into girl bands. It is hard to find the right combination of pop music, girls, and cool without being too cutesy. This band was my gateway drug and one of my girl crushes.

September 3rd, Beatnik Studios
The Thermals
Girl crush number two.

October 2nd, Luigi's
Knock Knock
I have seen Knock Knock countless times and this has to have been my favorite show of theirs. Not only was the sound perfect, but because of an injury Heather was free to dance around. And boy did she. It has been a long time since I have seen such a joy filled performance.

October 8th, Sophia's
Buildings Breeding
It's a shame that these guys are over with now, because I was really digging the style they were transforming into. Download their final EP here. Good stuff.

November 20th, Luigi's

Kevin Dockter of Buildings Breeding

November 28th, Old Ironsides
Captain Billy’s Whiz-Bang

Joel Goulet of The Four Eyes

December 11th, Luigi's
Jesse Phillips of Ellie Fortune

Candice Phillips
looking like a French film

Hope 2010 brings many more great shows and good times.


  1. Jeez! Great shots! Ypu make it seem like a good year!!

  2. a winner in your hearts? or a winner OF your hearts?