Friday, May 22, 2009

thank you mr. omnichord

It's official.

I want an omnichord.
Reason 1.)
After watching Devo use one on the show Square Pegs, my interest was piqued.

I want to talk more about it later, but watch Square Pegs.

Reason 2.)
I watched Rivers Cuomo & Friends -Not Alone- Live at Fingerprints
Rivers Cuomo has grown tired of playing songs, so he is getting his fans to play for him, which is kinda of fun, but often awkward and embarrassing to watch. They played a lot of old B-sides and the crown jewel of the whole hootenanny is when a kid with an omnichord plays on Devotion.
Have a listen to it here:

I'm not sure what happened but the rendition made me tear up a little.

That's why I want an omnichord
The end.

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