Thursday, May 21, 2009

fuck you miss.

For the past few days I've holed myself up in my apartment living off of chocolate milk and popsicles. I've been completely unproductive and watched full seasons of television shows just because they were available for instant watching on netflix (mostly shows from Australia and Canada).

I've watched Summer Heights High twice through. Chris Lilley does a remarkable job playing three different characters (Danny didn't even realize it was all him)The best parts are when the "bad" kid Jonah curses at the teachers because he says, "Fuck you sir, fuck you miss!" It seems so polite.

I've also been watching episode after episode of the Canadian high school drama,
Degrassi: The Next Generation.
It's not great by any means, but there was an episode where a kid's dad gets cancer, followed by one where a kid gets beat up and comes out of the closet, followed by one where a girl's dad is in the army and she cuts herself, followed by an episode where the "fat" girl is insecure and her boyfriend hits her, and the next episode features a girl who sleeps with her friend's boyfriend and gets pregnant and has an abortion. I'm not even to the season finale yet. This show is serious stuff.

I figured if I documented my activities it might put an end to it. I have so much I need to blog and create. I am curious how many other teen crisis topics Degrassi can pull out of its hat though. Oooh I bet a school shooting is on the way.

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  1. I have Degrassi in my queue, so don't feel bad. I also have countless British sit-coms. The only one I've watched a bit of is The IT Crowd, which is pretty hit or miss. I forgot what it was like to watch a show with a laughtrack. So weird. You'll have to give me a list of recommendations.